Hi, I'm Lee Euler. I've spent the last seven years investigating every posssible way to beat cancer. As a result, I've collected hard-to-find information on more than 350 alternative cancer therapies that are saving lives around the world - even in the most "hopeless" cases. Click the arrow in the center of the screen to play this two-minute video.

hourglassOliver was doomed to die from cancer within 8 hours

But then he found out what to do...

Oliver had reached the end of the road in his seven-year fight against cancer. His doctors didn’t think this 32-year-old man would live through the night.

But when I talked to Oliver six years later, he was the picture of health! He got rid of his cancer completely.

Yes, Oliver found the answer to his cancer.

I sat down with him and his doctor and they told me an incredible story. For one thing, Oliver found out. . .

The "best care money can buy" was worthless

Oliver, who’s English, first learned he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma when he was 25. He’d actually had the disease since he was 21, but his doctors missed it.

Once they finally knew what he had, doctors put Oliver through 12 rounds of chemotherapy, but the cancer always came back. Then they tried radiation on him, but he had to stop because he had a bad reaction.

The only treatment left was a risky, experimental stem cell therapy. Oliver’s family was well off, and he decided to go to probably the best clinic in the world for this new therapy, a famous clinic in Texas.

When he arrived there he was in such bad shape they had to do rescue chemotherapy to start with. Oliver’s cancer didn’t respond and they had to try one chemo drug after another before they found one that worked. But -- finally -- they were able to stabilize him and start the stem cell therapy.

Oliver was there for nine months, and it cost his family hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then he left to recuperate.

But a few months after the stem cell therapy, the cancer sneaked back -- again.

He returned to the Texas clinic, but they told him there wasn’t much more they could do, and they referred him to a New York clinic. So he went to New York and tried another therapy. No luck.

Then he returned to his native Britain, to the best cancer hospital in that country. They wanted to put him back on radiation. Oliver already knew he couldn’t take it. So they started him back on chemotherapy. But that didn’t help.

Meanwhile, his cancer-ridden lymph nodes were growing and growing. One of them got so big it was strangling him. He could hardly breathe. He also had a big tumor squeezing his liver.

Oliver was also wasting away, the way cancer patients usually do. He was down to 112 pounds and losing weight fast. The best cancer clinic in the UK told him, “There’s nothing more we can do.”

Then a miracle happened!

While all this was going on, Oliver had started a website about his illness, Hodgkin’s disease. Lucky for him, a woman from Australia happened to come across it. She suffered from the same disease as Oliver, but she’d gone into remission with the help of a brilliant alternative doctor.

She told Oliver, “Whatever you do, just get yourself to Germany.” Desperate for help, and mere days away from death, that’s exactly what he did.

When Oliver arrived at the German clinic he was no longer able to walk. He was in a wheelchair. The liver disease had caused his skin to turn yellow. And he could hardly breathe.

The doctors didn’t think he would make it through the night. “He was really bad,” his lead doctor told me six years later, as we all sat together around a table.

But the doctors did manage to get Oliver through that terrible night.

Then they started a series of alternative treatments you can’t get from conventional doctors.

You see, these doctors are MDs, but they use a whole variety of alternative cancer treatments that mainstream doctors have turned their backs on.

One of these treatments is a heat therapy, a kind of fever therapy where the temperature of the tumor is raised to the point where cancer cells die. Scientists have known since 1883 that a high fever kills cancer cells, while healthy cells remain unharmed.

In fact, some people get rid of cancer completely just because they happen to catch an infection that gives them a high fever!

And let me just say, don’t do this on your own.

These days, doctors at alternative clinics around the world have new technologies that induce an artificial fever that lasts just a few hours.

These clinics are using this discovery to help patients get rid of cancer right now, while you’re reading this. It’s called hyperthermia. Articles have been published about it in top medical journals. There are international conferences, and the doctors who perform this therapy have formed their own professional society.

Oliver's recovery wasn't a fluke

The same “fever therapy” that helped save Oliver also saved Karl, a 57-year-old pilot. He beat colon cancer.

Then there’s Vida, a 45-year-old woman with a giant tumor in her lung. She underwent this treatment -- and within six weeks her tumor had disappeared.

The fever therapy also saved 42-year-old Dieter from stomach cancer 14 years ago. He’s still fine today.

Friedrich was saved from prostate cancer at age 60. He remains cancer-free.

This treatment also saved Edith from the brink of death. Her brain tumor shrank 50% within one week! She was still receiving the treatment at the time we met her, and was responding well.

But mainstream doctors and hospitals refuse to accept it, the same way they reject almost ALL alternative therapies. I’ll explain why in a minute, but meanwhile let me tell you about another natural therapy that helped save Oliver’s life. You see. . .

Mother's milk holds another secret to beating cancer
mother's milk

The German clinic built up Oliver’s immune system with the help of a natural substance found in a mother’s milk during the first 24-48 hours of a newborn’s life. It’s not in just any milk, only in the first milk after giving birth.

 In fact, the milk from the first six hours after birth is richest in this amazing nutrient.

This natural substance contains numerous immune system and growth factors as well as essential nutrients and enzymes. It protects a newborn baby from disease and builds up the body in at least 50 different ways.

Dr. Daniel G. Clark, a pioneering expert on this natural cure, wrote that it “rebuilds the immune system, destroys viruses, bacteria, and fungi, accelerates healing of all body tissue. . .” And more.

All mammals produce this valuable nutrient, but the form found in cow’s milk is 100 times as potent as that from a human mother. Oliver’s clinic sourced it from cow’s milk.

You can buy it yourself at almost any health food store or over the Internet. It’s completely safe, and people have reported incredible results -- not just for cancer but for all kinds of medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, ulcers, allergies and more.

And you can use it right along with chemotherapy, if you decide to stick with mainstream treatments.

This secret of mother’s milk is just one of the treatments Oliver’s doctors used to save his life. Like most alternative cancer doctors, they didn’t rely on just one treatment. They used many different treatments together to make his immune system stronger, get rid of toxins and kill cancer cells.

Remember, I met with Oliver six years after he was thought he was going to die before morning. One of my colleagues asked him how much he had spent at that famous cancer clinic in Texas.

Oliver said, “$350,000.”

Then my colleague asked him, “What did you get for it?”

Oliver answered, “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except they kept me alive long enough to find out about a doctor who was open to alternatives.”

Oliver found out that “the best care money can buy” was worthless.

Oliver had the money for the finest doctors and the best hospitals in the world. None of it did him any good. He didn’t get well until he started trying alternatives.

Oliver’s story is not unusual -- except that it has a happy ending. In America, a typical late-stage cancer patient like Oliver spends hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many families are forced into bankruptcy, even when they had health insurance.

Yet almost none of these poor folks survive -- only two or three out of every hundred. I’ve got a suggestion. . .

Save the $350,000 and go straight to the treatments that work

Dr. Whitaker

A dangerous placebo!

Famed, alternative health guru Julian Whitaker, M.D. says...

"Conventional [cancer] therapy is no more than a dangerous placebo. So when you have the death rate from cancer, and the incidence rate of cancer staying virtually the same for over a hundred years, that is the definition of a placebo: therapies that just don't work but are believed to work."

My name is Lee Euler. I’m a medical journalist and researcher. I’ve spent seven years investigating every possible way a person can beat cancer.

In fact, I’m the head of America’s number one publishing house for information about cancer. We offer 19 books on this important subject.

If you’d seen everything I’ve seen, you’d be shocked to discover how little progress mainstream medicine has made in the treatment of cancer.

For decades, American doctors have tried to fight cancer mostly with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Or as you’ve probably heard them called, “slash, burn, and poison”.

Yet there are more than 350 documented alternative cancer treatments right now. These safer, more effective treatments are helping people all around the world cure themselves of cancer--even in the most advanced, “hopeless” cases.

The problem is, you’re not hearing about these powerful, cutting-edge treatments. And what if one of them was the ONE treatment that could save your life--or that of a loved one?

When it’s a matter of life or death, you need to know ALL your options. Otherwise, you may never hear about breakthrough approaches that really work, like this treatment that saved Debbie...

This young mother with terminal cancer cried out, "I have three kids. I need to live..." And she did!

But let me start at the beginning. . .

Debbie never gave a second thought to a mole she had on the back of leg. It had been there since the day she was born. Debbie was busy, too. She was running around after her 3 young children.

But one day, she noticed the mole had changed. She went to see her doctor, and the diagnosis was melanoma -- the most deadly skin cancer.

So Debbie had the mole removed. A couple of years later she noticed a lump where her scar was. The diagnosis again was more melanoma. So Debbie had the lump removed. Then tumors began popping up everywhere--on her chest, her shoulder, even her adrenal glands.

Debbie suffered through the usual conventional treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. Nothing was working. Her doctor recommended more aggressive chemotherapy. She decided against it.

Debbie did the right thing. As I said earlier, the conventional treatments are almost worthless against late-stage cancer.

The doctor’s caring response was, “Get your will in order. You have one month to live.”

But Debbie knew she couldn’t die. She had 3 kids to raise! So she decided to go to a clinic outside of the U.S. Here she received a specialized therapy that floods your body with energy.

This treatment was discovered by space scientists to keep astronauts’ bodies strong while they spend long periods of time in space. The treatment is simple and pain-free with no serious side effects.

Here’s how simple it is. The patient lies on a special bed and a switch is turned on. While the patient is relaxing, cells are being oxygenated, circulation increases, and cancer cells die.

Debbie underwent daily treatments of this amazing technology. She combined this therapy with changes in nutrition as well as meditation exercises. As a result, Debbie is alive today. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen to her doctor! She very well may be dead if she had.

That’s because American doctors are actually FORBIDDEN to recommend any treatment not approved by the Federal Drug Administration or the FDA, as most people call it.

If doctors do mention alternative treatments, they could lose their license or, even worse, go to jail!

In short...You're not being told the full truth

Of course, the FDA only approves drug treatments submitted by the pharmaceutical industry--also known as “Big Pharma”.

Big Pharma spends billions to suppress the truth about alternative cancer treatments. Why? Because they don’t want the competition cutting into their highly profitable, fast-growing, $50 billion-a-year industry!

That’s why Big Pharma plows some of its obscene profits into medical schools to ensure students are only taught the traditional “slash, burn, and poison” approach. That way Big Pharma is able to maintain the status quo.

As if that’s not bad enough, medical journals are heavily funded by advertising from Big Pharma. This makes it easier to for them keep new, safer, and more effective alternative treatments totally hushed-up.

As the saying goes, “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

As a result, most doctors remain ignorant of the latest alternative cancer therapies that could save your life.

You can read more about Debbie and Oliver’s life-saving therapies. Plus you can find information on virtually every significant cancer breakthrough available to you today. How?

Now you have a guide to navigating the alternative cancer treatment "jungle"

Let me introduce you to an amazing new book called The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments. And I’d like to send you a FREE copy of it.

When cancer taps you or a loved one on the shoulder, you’re in a race against time. And it’s a jungle of information out there for you to whack your way through.

Just think how close Oliver and Debbie came to losing their lives -- before they finally found the right answer. Is it really wise to let yourself end up in that position?

For instance, sit down at your computer and type “cancer treatments” into Google. You’ll get around 14.4 million hits. Add the word “alternative” and you still have about 4.3 million hits to sort through. Where do you begin?

If you or a loved one has cancer, how much time do you want to waste wading through it all? And how do you know what you’re reading is reliable or even true?

It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. You could spend hours, days, or even weeks on the Internet, and still be no closer to finding the right treatment. Plus, you’ll never know if what you read about a cancer treatment is trustworthy, complete, and honest.

That’s why I decided to launch the Alternative Cancer Research Institute. Even though my group already publishes 19 books about cancer treatment, the Institute is our newest, most ambitious project ever.

It’s our goal to give you access to ALL the life-saving, cancer-beating therapies that are saving lives around the globe. No longer will we allow these treatments to be suppressed by Big Pharma, the FDA, the American Medical Association, and the rest of the medical establishment!

That’s because the truth you’re not hearing is this: More than 350 reputable alternative cancer treatments exist today. And thousands of people around the world are using them right now to heal themselves from cancer.

You’ll find them all in this brand-new 440-page book called The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments. There’s never been anything like it.

Hyperthermia, the so-called “fever” treatment that Oliver received, is on page 371. And that incredible immune-boosting nutrient from mother’s milk? The one you can buy in any health food store? Read all about it on page 176.

As for the space age therapy that helped Debbie, you’ll read more about this relaxing, healing treatment on page 372 of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments.

No other book contains detailed information on all 350 of these breakthrough treatments. But this invaluable book does.

And it’s yours FREE when you accept my invitation to become a Charter Member in the Alternative Cancer Research Institute.

From "incurable" to cured!


Time-Saving Resource

"The Alternative Cancer Research Institute brings together widely varied information into one central location. It would take months if not years to gather it on your own. What a valuable resource for people looking to find alternatives to the standard 'Slash, Burn and Poison' approach to treating cancer. I highly recommend it."

Medical Director EslingerBeing a Charter Member in the Alternative Cancer Research Institute will make it a snap for you to find out about pain-free, healing alternative cancer treatments that have worked miracles for so many others--even after they were told they had just months, even weeks to live!

Take, for example, 17-year-old Valerie, who had “incurable” bone cancer. She was on her death bed. Her doctor said, “Nothing more can be done.” But what he should have said is, “I don’t know of anything else I can do for you.” Valerie was in a lot of pain.

But Valerie’s parents didn’t give up hope on searching for a cure. They found a doctor in Reno, Nevada who was not only a board-certified oncologist (that is, a cancer doctor), but he was also a board-certified doctor of homeopathy.

He prescribed a natural food supplement that literally short-circuits the energy of cancer cells and destroys them. When combined with this doctor’s special immune therapy that blocks cancer cells from eating sugar--manna for a cancer cell--the cancer simply starves to death. Unlike conventional therapies, NO harm comes to healthy cells with this alternative treatment... and there are NO agonizing side effects.

After just two weeks on this therapy, not only did Valerie stop hurting, she could walk again without difficulty. A little while later, the lesions on her lungs had disappeared. Today, four years later, Valerie is the picture of health!

You can read all about the natural treatment that saved Valerie’s life on page 299 of your FREE book, The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments.

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"Finally there is a comprehensive summary of all the natural substances that are known to ahve anti-cancer effect. Both patients and their doctors should have this [The Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments] as a reference. The discussion at the beginning of the Guide about the nature of the chemotherapy/radiation industry and its suppression of the natural treatments is also well worth reading."

Dr. HuberThese and many other breakthrough treatments are saving countlesslives--like Oliver’s, Debbie’s and Valerie’s. And you’ll have direct access to ALL of them, even the newest ones that are just being uncovered, as a Charter Member of the Alternative Cancer Research Institute.

The Alternative Cancer Research Institute is the best place to find safe, effective, scientifically-sound therapies in a matter of minutes...and get the honest answers you need to heal your body of cancer--without drugs, surgery, and painful treatments.

Most important of all, you don’t waste time. You avoid long, frustrating Internet searches on your own. And there’s no confusing medical “mumbo-jumbo” to decipher. Instead, you get plain-spoken, actionable information at your fingertips that’s been uncovered and brought to light by the Institute’s top-notch team of medical researchers, journalists, and publishers.

What’s more, as a Charter Member of the Alternative Cancer Research Institute, you’ll get the invaluable 440-page book I told you about earlier, The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments, absolutely FREE.

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Not one, but many cures!

Dr. Robert Atkinds, M.D., the late medical maverik and best-selling author, reveals:

"There is not one, but many cures for cancer available. But they are all being systematically suppressed by the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, adn the major oncology centers. They have too much of an interest in the status quo."

curesThis brand new book is jam-packed with more than 350 natural cancer therapies we’ve researched...from vitamins and minerals to immune therapies and other cutting-edge alternative treatments. In short, just about every breakthrough, life-saving cancer therapy on earth is here, right at your fingertips.

There’s nothing else like it anywhere! Other books may focus on one or two treatments, but The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments reports on every KNOWN treatment, many of which are saving scores of lives all over the world right now. If you want to know about virtually ANY cancer treatment on earth, you can look it up here and get the unbiased truth!

That’s because every treatment you’ll find in The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments is thoroughly and objectively reviewed by our team of cancer experts. We don’t advocate one treatment over another. We simply present the facts.

The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments gives you an impartial summary of the evidence, trials, and studies for each treatment, and a list of References and Further Reading. So your research time is slashed to the minimum. It’s the first place you’ll want to look to save your life or the life of a loved one!

I know you’ll find a vast number of amazing, healing cancer cures in your FREE copy of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments that you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s just a sampling of some other breakthrough therapies you’ll discover...

An innovative biochemist saves his mother from certain death...

Dr. S. worked in the oncology department of a major New York hospital. His mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. His mother was doomed to die in the eyes of conventional oncologists. But with his knowledge of natural substances, Dr. S. developed a mixture to fight his mom’s cancer. One of the ingredients in the mixture is shitake mushrooms--known to stimulate a special type of immune system cell -- called the natural killer or NK cell -- that destroys cancer cells.

Yet Dr. S. added 3 more potent ingredients to his mixture which worked to stop tumor growth and prevent cancer from spreading. This all-natural “soup” of cancer-fighting wonders is shown in clinical trials to significantly lengthen the lives of Stage 4 “hopeless” cancer patients. Dr. S.’s mom is alive and cancer-free 13 years later!

You can read more about the ingredients, studies and clinical trials behind this effective remedy on page 155 of your FREE copy of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments. Plus, you’ll find where you can order this amazing mixture for yourself. But that’s not all...

New discovery "reprograms" cancer cells to die...

B.B. Plymouth

"I wish I'd known about The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatmetns and the Alternative Cancer Research Institute five years ago when my dad was diagnosed with 3 brain tumors. He had radiation which didn't help. He lived 4 more months staring at a wall, not able to communicate with his family. After reading the Guide, I saw several treatments in there that could have helped him. His doctors ever mentioned anything by radiation and I didn't know enough to ask. Now I do. The next time a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, I'm armed with the knowledge I need to save their lives."
B.B., Plymouth, MA

PlymouthDr. B., a young doctor in Houston, Texas, made a crucial discovery about a group of proteins that occur naturally in your blood. He discovered that they could literally “reprogram” cancer cells so they would die. Now, that’s no easy task with cancer cells. They do not die. Normal cells die after 20 to 60 divisions. But not cancer cells. They keep dividing and spreading instead.

The most remarkable aspect of this therapy is that it actually normalizes cancer cells. When injected into the blood, the proteins seek out the cancer cells and reprogram the life-sucking cells to die. Your healthy normal cells are unaffected and there are NO side effects.

One of Dr. B.’s patients was Sophia. She had breast cancer and had had a lumpectomy -- removal of the tumor but not the entire breast. Doctors ordered chemotherapy, concerned that Sophia “might not have much time to live.” But she didn’t think chemo was for her.

Instead, Sophia went to Houston. And after an 8-month oral treatment program with Dr. B.’s proteins, her cancer VANISHED. More than a decade later, Sophia remains cancer-free and she is healthier and stronger than ever!

Dr. Julian Whitaker, one of the pioneers in natural alternative healing, refers to Dr. B.’s protein treatment as the “single most important breakthrough in cancer therapy ever -- and possibly the only one we will ever need. [This treatment] is to rapidly growing and universally fatal cancers what penicillin is to pneumonia.”

Official reports show that Dr. B.’s treatment has produced a remarkable improvement in 86% of patients with advanced cancer. You can read more about Dr. B.’s treatment and how to contact him on page 267 of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments. It’s yours FREE when you become a Charter Member of the Alternative Cancer Research Institute. You’ll also discover this next totally hushed-up treatment...

Your doctor probably never mentioned this "hari-kari" cancer therapy...

It’s no secret that the Japanese live longer, healthier lives than we so. Do they just have better genes? Or a better diet?

Scientists recently discovered a powerful compound in the seaweed that’s in many popular Japanese dishes. After 700 studies, researchers confirm that this all-natural compound causes certain types of rapidly-growing cancer cells to commit “hari-kari”. It appears to trigger a mechanism in the out-of-control cells that causes instant death--without harming normal cells.

A new study suggests that this compound also turbocharges Natural Killer Cells, immune system cells that attack and kill cancer cells. This cancer killer is especially effective against colon and stomach cancer cells as well as leukemia cells.

You’ll discover more about this safe, natural cancer cure--including its ability to strengthen the immune system and destroy potentially deadly viruses as well--on page 101 of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments. Plus you’ll find out about this inexpensive home remedy that can help keep you cancer-free...become a charter member

10-cent-a-day nutrient cuts your risk of cancer by HALF!

Mountains of clinical trials--dating back to 1935--prove this natural mineral safely slows cancer progression while boosting your immune system. And 55 studies have clearly shown a link between a deficiency of this mineral in your body and increased occurrence of nearly ALL types of cancer! What’s more, a study of over 1,000 men found that those with high levels of this nutrient were HALF as likely to develop prostate cancer.

You would think every doctor on the planet would recommend this mineral to everyone to naturally protect against cancer. But don’t hold your breath: Remember, drug companies don’t make a penny on natural solutions!

I just checked on the Internet and you can easily get this mineral in supplement form at the recommended dosage for about 10 cents a day. Or, you can eat a delicious nut which is high in this natural Godsend...you’ll find it named on page 249 of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments.

I hope you’re starting to see just how invaluable your FREE copy of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments and your Charter Membership in the Alternative Cancer Research Institute can be. So let me ask you...

Imagine how many drug conpanies would go "belly-up" if all Americans knew about this next natural cancer cure...

Dr. Weber

An extensive work on all possible treatments!

"Thanks for sending your Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments. I find it very interesting to get an overview of all possible cancer therapies. I think it's a great idea! You have created an extensive work on all possibilities of alternative and complementary cancer therapy."

This natural substance is so smart it can tell the difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell. In fact, this powerful herb launches multiple attacks on cancer from all fronts. Several studies show it slows the development and growth of tumors. Researchers even note that it inhibits the growth of new blood vessels that feed the tumors...causing them to literally starve.

This natural ingredient has such potential against cancer and is so beneficial that drug companies are rushing to make synthetic drug versions. They hope to cash in on millions of dollars in new profits. But you don’t need a synthetic drug. All you have to do is sprinkle this safe, delicious spice on your next meal to protect against cancer!

You’ll find details and suggestions on how to use this kitchen cabinet cure starting on page 58 of your FREE copy of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments. Now, wait until you hear about this next incredible treatment that can help you beat terminal cancer...

The powerful "new" cancer fighter you've probably never heard of

As you may know, your body needs a full array of B-vitamins to stay healthy. But here’s what you may not know. These humble B-vitamins can do much more. In fact, scientists recently discovered a special derivative of a B-vitamin that stops cancer cell growth cold!

When early cancer cells develop, your body makes enzymes that can kill off the new cancer cells. But how effectively your body can react depends on the raw material your body has to work with--such as good, nutritious food and other helpful factors. One of these helpful factors is proving to be an abundance of this special B-vitamin derivative.

In over 70 published studies, this “new” cancer fighter clobbers cancer cells, killing them off at an amazing rate. You can find this vitamin in sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, peas and oats. But the best and cheapest way to get enough into your body is by taking an easy, inexpensive, over-the-counter supplement.

You can read more about this up-and-coming cancer-fighting star on page 186 of your FREE copy of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments. Plus, you’ll get regular updates and reports on other breakthrough cancer miracles as a Charter Member of the Alternative Cancer Research Institute. So it’s easy to always be on the frontlines of cancer treatments that work!

Which hushed-up cancer cure can YOU afford to miss?

You won’t want to miss a single one of the alternative treatments, protocols, and cures people are using right now to cure themselves of cancer. After all, the conventional cancer “industry” won’t tell you ALL your options so you can make critical, lifesaving decisions. Meanwhile, Big Pharma is doing it all it can to make sure these hushed-up cures stay under wraps!

That’s why I urge you to become a Charter Member of the Alternative Cancer Research Institute today. Not only will you get immediate access to more than 350 cancer-beating breakthroughs in your FREE copy of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments, you’ll also get critical, ongoing cancer cure updates and much more as a Charter Member of the Alternative Cancer Research Institute.

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I’ve just presented a brief glimpse of the powerful alternative cancer treatments you’ll have access to in your copy of The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments. With over 350 of today’s best-performing cancer treatments, it’s sure to be your #1 “go-to” resource.

Not only will you hear of secret treatments that have worked for decades, you’ll also be a witness to medical history with the scores of breakthrough cancer treatments from around the world. Sadly, your doctor most likely has never heard of a single one.

Yet many of these treatments can be used right along with conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, if that’s your choice. You can have the best of both worlds -- conventional AND alternative medicine.

When time is so precious in the fight against cancer, you need unbiased and truthful information you can trust, access quickly, and put to use right away.

That’s why each listed treatment provides an in-depth description, along with the latest clinical studies and a list of further readings. Plus, all of the treatments are handily arranged by treatment type -- Diet, Vitamins, Minerals, Technologies, Programs, Enzyme Therapies...and so much more. And you have a detailed Index to help get you to any subject instantly.

The information is comprehensive and written in everyday English--so you’re not bombarded with difficult medical terminology. If you want to take control of your healthcare decisions and cancer treatment, then this valuable resource is a MUST for your home library.

The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments --valued at $99 -- is a goldmine of cancer-beating, life-saving cures you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. And it’s yours absolutely FREE when you accept my invitation for charter membership in the Alternative Cancer Research Institute.

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K.S.,Germantown, MD

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For instance, Dr. C., a board-certified cardiologist and internist, and one of the country’s foremost experts in integrative medicine, lays out a simple home treatment for cancer that cleared up lymphoma and colon cancer in his patients within 2 months. It costs nothing. Plus, Dr. C. recommends removing this one common item from your home that you’re probably handling all the time...and replacing it with this cheaper item. Doing this one simple thing could significantly reduce your risk of cancer!

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Dr. Cowden

"People are Perishing for Lack of Knowledge"

“Today we are in a worldwide epidemic of cancer. The death rate in the USA for cancer has caught up to heart disease and is expected to exceed heart disease very soon.  Most allopathic doctors in the USA limit themselves to 3 tools for treating cancer: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  And their long-term survival statistics with chemo and radiation are poor with tremendously negative side-effects from those therapies.  Integrative cancer care, on the other hand has hundreds of effective cancer-treatment tools (many with essentially no side effects).

“When used in the right combination for an individual patient, these integrative cancer treatments can have amazingly beneficial results, especially if the cancer patient doesn’t destroy their immune system and other organs by doing standard chemotherapy and radiation first. The Alternative Cancer Research Institute will be an extremely valuable resource for learning about the integrative cancer treatment tools so that you and those you love will be less likely to suffer and die prematurely from cancer.  Don’t make a treatment decision about cancer out of fear; become fully educated first.  This education usually dispels the fear. Remember that people are perishing for lack of knowledge.”

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